November 5, 2019

Re-post from Gabriella Hooks:

I wanted to share what happened to me last night in hopes that it can maybe help some of y’all in case you ever find yourself in a situation like what happened to me.

Last night / early this morning (Saturday 11.2), at approx. 1:00am outside...

August 7, 2018

Watch video from a Berkeley Police DUI checkpoint (July 13, 2018 at Telegraph and Stuart) where Copwatchers are denied the right to watch what police are actually doing. Keeping witnesses away from the scene and preventing observations is NOT how you become a "national...

July 2, 2018

This Sunday, July 8, we will be having our next study group meeting for “Video As Evidence.” The focus will be “Sharing and Using Eyewitness Video in Reporting and Advocacy” and will take place from 12 to 2p at the Grassroots House.

On July 10, the City of Berkeley will...

June 26, 2018

We will be studying the "Video As Evidence Field Guide" as a way to really challenge ourselves to improve our documentation practices and the quality of our evidence. Its about how to make a case against the police and gather the evidence you need. Please read and revi...

June 19, 2018

Join Berkeley Copwatch on Saturday, June 30 for a training.

- On the street
- When observing/recording
- Safely assert your rights
- What/how to document
- Respond to police misconduct
- Effectively observe the police in your community

June 30,...

January 31, 2018

While we’re talking about the right to watch…

On 1-12-18 there was a fatal collision at Channing and Fulton Streets. BPD put up "Do not cross" tape for blocks around. Media and members of the press were prohibited from getting close enough to witness or observe the actu...

January 25, 2018

On 1-20-18 Andrea witnessed an incident where BPD detained a man and handcuffed him on Shattuck Ave. When he complained of nausea, Berkeley Fire Department was called.

BFD Captain Sullivan threatened to have BPD “escort” Andrea from the scene to prevent her from watchin...

November 12, 2017

Please don't forget about Ramsey Orta. He is our brother and he has been set up because he filmed the murder of Eric Garner. Please donate to his Paypal (

October 21, 2017

Hey people, don't forget about our freedom fighters!! Ramsey Orta is still in jail because police waned to retaliate against him for filming the murder of Eric Garner. Please support this brother!! Send some money! Send some love!!

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