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Your Support Needed at Occupy Oakland Tonight!

A police attack is expected sometime during the night. A labor picket line around Oscar Grant Plaza will start at 10pm and continue to 6am.

*Please come and wear your union shirts, jackets, hats, and buttons. Bring union signs of support, i.e. “An injury to one is an injury to all”.

*Come for part of the time, even if you can’t stay for all.

Stand together with Occupy Oakland! Last week’s general strike was just the beginning. Let’s enable the struggle to move forward by keeping this important organizing center alive and intact.

Other coming activities:

  • Strike at Berkeley Occupy on Tuesday, 11/15

  • Meeting at ILWU Local 10, to support the Longview, Washington struggle, on Wednesday, 11/16 at 7pm in SF

  • March & rally to demand support for People’s Needs, Saturday, 11/19, at 2pm, from Oscar Grant Plaza

#Occupy #Raids

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