BEHIND THE MASK 2: Mental Health Crisis Response

Thank you for joining us for Behind the Mask 2 on March 24. Both recordings for Behind the Mask 1 & 2 are available online. Please share the recordings far and wide!

During the event, we heard from Vincent Bryant, an unhoused man who was shot in the face at point blank range by Berkeley Police while he experiencing mental health crisis, on 1/2/21. We analyzed footage of the incident and heard from mental health experts and activists who are calling for alternative crisis response.

This is the second event in the Behind the Mask series.

View the recording of Behind the Mask 1 here.



Berkeley Copwatch is excited to announce that the People’s Database is finally ready to be downloaded and used by Copwatch groups and other organizations working to track police misconduct.


This free tool could be a game-changer for organizers who want to ensure that the everyday abuses committed by police officers are recorded, archived and able to be used to alert our communities when particular officers or police practices threaten the pubic safety.


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