For 30 years, groups of ordinary people from communities across the country have come together to resist police violence by documenting incidents of abuse. Eye-witness and video accounts from thousands of observers over the years have boldly challenged the actions and credibility of the cops. From its inception as a tactic in maintaining slavery to its current role in the repression of political movements and marginalized people, the very institution of policing is being challenged like never before.

Join us for a national gathering to share and build our collective work, and to celebrate 30 years of Copwatch and other organizations involved in the struggle to document police conduct and defend our communities and movements against police violence and abuse.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gathering will be pushed back to 2021. In the meantime, please fill out this survey to share your contact information, indicate what you’d like to see at this convening, and let us know a little about the work you are doing.



Berkeley Copwatch is excited to announce that the People’s Database is finally ready to be downloaded and used by Copwatch groups and other organizations working to track police misconduct. This free tool could be a game-changer for organizers who want to ensure that the everyday abuses committed by police officers are recorded, archived and able to be used to alert our communities when particular officers or police practices threaten the pubic safety.




August 14, 2020

On July 30, an as-yet-unnamed Berkeley police officer fired a gun in response to an alleged in-progress robbery. The department released a statement that no one was injured by gunfire, but how can we be sure that no one was injured if the subjects were not detained and there has been no substantial release of information with the ongoing investigation. Are we to take the BPD’s word on this?

In spite of public records requests f...

August 13, 2020

This interactive training is meant as an introduction to your constitutional rights as they pertain to policing and strategies for filming and documenting the police, and is ideal for those looking to assert their rights on the streets! This is also meant to give you tools so you can better advocate for your rights and the rights of others.

The way that you choose to interact with the police is a very personal choice, carrying...

August 7, 2020

Read the letter, published by KPFA:

Kayla Moore was killed in the city she was born and raised, Berkeley, California. Kayla should be here today, marching with her friends in the city and enjoying life. Berkeley Police Department took her life, but they will never take her dignity and a fighting spirit.

[Berkeley Police] Chief Greenwood was one of the first people my family met when we were finally allowed to receive the police...

August 1, 2020

We are eagerly awaiting the name of the officer involved. Curious as to why the homicide unit is investigating this incident. According to AB 1421, we have a RIGHT TO KNOW.

Read the article published in Berkeleyside:

July 27, 2020

Low hanging fruit: ban police use of drones. Great article by Dennis Flores in NYC.

Read the article, published by Gothamist:

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