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10/12/2020 Police Stops in Berkeley: Disparities in Law Enforcement (Daily Californian)

“Though there was a flurry of news reporting from nationwide and even international outlets about the proposal to remove police from traffic stops, there has been far less follow up,” Allan said in an email. “It is clear that in the face of great and necessary changes, institutions will not give up their power without a fight.”

07/06/2020 Defund? Defund. Defund! (KPFA)

Join 1st Monday host Vylma V and her guest, educator and activist Andrea Prichett of Berkeley Copwatch for an elucidating conversation about this timely issue.

06/10/2020 How to turn Filming the Police into the End of Police Brutality (MIT Technology Review)

"Over the decades, Copwatch has documented not just the most severe instances of police violence but also less publicized daily violations, from illegal searches to racial profiling to abuse of unhoused people. Strung together, the videos intimately track the patterns of abuse across the Berkeley police department and in the conduct of specific officers."

06/04/2020 Opinion: Making Black Lives Matter right here in Berkeley (Berkeleyside)

"BPD has NEVER accepted any responsibility for their part in the death of an African American transgender woman named Kayla Moore in 2013. Just like George Floyd, Kayla Moore died after Berkeley police officers sat on top of her, reducing her supply of oxygen. A better word might be murder. Moore’s family is appealing a federal court decision that the police did not use excessive force."

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