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 Justice 4 Nadeem U Farooqi  

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“He would have done so much. He still continues helping people” - Susie, Nadeem's mother

“We want to prevent other families from going through what we’re going through”- Naila, Nadeem's sister

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Justice for Nadeem U. Farooqi
Mental Health is not a crime
Care NOT Cops for mental health crisis



On December 4th 2020, Berkeley police were alerted that Nadeem was having a mental health crisis and required immediate attention. His sister had called 911 while rushing to Berkeley to try to help, hoping they would unlock the door and provide access to his apartment. However, after knocking on the door and leaving before her arrival, BPD officers would not return. She called continually, pleading and waiting over 3 hours for them to let her in so she could help her brother, BUT THEY REFUSED. Finally, the on-site building manager contacted the UC Berkeley police, who responded almost immediately. But sadly, once the door was opened at last, it was too late to save Nadeem.


Nadeem U. Farooqi

Beloved son, brother, and uncle

Cherished friend and advocate

Donate to the family’s GoFundMe, organized by Nadeem’s sister, Naila Farooqi. The funds will go to the Nadeem U. Farooqi Mental Health Awareness Foundation to support those in need.


"I would not wish this pain upon anybody, not even my worst enemy. 

There is a hole in my heart." 

- Naila Farooqi, sister of Nadeem Farooqi’s

"Let’s laugh, cry, and think of how to make the world better"

- Nadeem Farooqi

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Previous Actions:

Supporters of the Farooqi family called into the Police Accountability Board meeting on November 10 to encourage that the Board do a full investigation into the Berkeley Police Department for their negligence in Nadeem's case. The outcome of much public comment, including moving testimonies from Farooqi family members, was the creation of a subcommittee specifically assigned to review Nadeem's case. More updates to come.


We demand that the Board investigate the police officers’ neglect in Nadeem U. Farooqi’s death so that no one else will have to experience the loss the Farooqi family has experienced.


The Berkeley Police failed to act when their help was desperately needed. We can’t rely on police to provide help for mental health calls.


We demand accountability! We demand a mental health crisis response in Berkeley that actually helps people! We demand answers for the BPD failure to respond in a mental health crisis!

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