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  • Glik Amicus Brief, Berkeley Copwatch, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Justice Committee, Milwaukee Police Accountability Coalition, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Portland Copwatch, US Court of Appeals, First Circuit 2011​


  • People's Investigation: In-Custody Death of Kayla Moore, Berkeley Copwatch 2014





Know the Law


  • BPD General Order on Crowd Management and Control, Berkeley Police Department 2009​

  • New Orleans Police Department Federal Consent Degree, US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana 2012​

  • OPD Federal Consent Degree, US District Court Northern District of California 2008

  • OPD Crowd Control and Crowd Management Policy, Oakland Police Department 2013​​​​​​

  • UCPD General Order on Excluding Individuals from Campus, University of California Police Department 2006

Practice of

History & Education

Video Evidence


Know Your Rights

Unhoused People's 

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