Practice of Copwatching

Copwatch Handbook, Berkeley Copwatch


Incident Report Template, Berkeley Copwatch

Complaint Resources

History & Education

Copwatching, Jocelyn Simpson 2015

Copwatch Reports, Berkeley Copwatch 2004 - Present

The Criminalization of Copwatching: Berkeley Copwatch Report on State Violence, Police Repression and Attacks on Direct Monitoring, Berkeley Copwatch 2011

Policy Report: Evidence Theft within the Berkeley Police Department, Berkeley Copwatch 2007

Glik Amicus Brief, Berkeley Copwatch, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Justice Committee, Milwaukee Police Accountability Coalition, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Portland Copwatch, US Court of Appeals, First Circuit 2011

Glik Decision, US Court of Appeals, First Circuit 2011

Lesson Plan for video "These Streets are Watching," Berkeley Copwatc

"These Streets are Watching" Discussion Questions, Berkeley Copwatch

People's Investigations

Berkeley Copwatch Guide to California Public Records Act Requests, Berkeley Copwatch 2021

People's Investigation Handbook, Berkeley Copwatch 2013

People's Investigation: In-Custody Death of Kayla Moore, Berkeley Copwatch 2014

Know Your Rights

Berkeley Copwatch Guide to Copwatching During Protests, Berkeley Copwatch 2017

Copwatching During Protests, updated & single page flyer, Berkeley Copwatch 2022


Know Your Rights Card, Berkeley Copwatch


Know Your Rights Training Video, Berkeley Copwatch


​​Know Your Rights Training Quiz & Key, Berkeley Copwatch


Know Your Rights Resources Guide, Berkeley Copwatch



Know the Law

BPD General Order on Crowd Management and Control, Berkeley Police Department 2009

New Orleans Police Department Federal Consent Degree, US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana 2012

OPD Federal Consent Degree, US District Court Northern District of California 2008


OPD Crowd Control and Crowd Management Policy, Oakland Police Department 2013​​​​​

UCPD General Order on Excluding Individuals from Campus, University of California Police Department 2006

Unhoused People's Rights & Resources

​​Homeless Rights, Berkeley Copwatch

Resource Guide for People Experiencing Houselessness in Berkeley 2nd Edition, Berkeley Outreach Coalition 2022