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Protesters Take the Battle to the Chancellor

Eight people were arrested last night after protesters marched from a party/concert to the home of Chancellor Birgeneau. There are a lot of reports about what happened there. According to police, protesters carried “torches” and attempted to throw one into a police car. Other reports say that protesters attempted to smash the windows of the home or to catch it on fire. The SF Chronicle coverage is here. IndyBay lists those arrested here. The attack comes as a response to the police ambush of protesters early Friday morning – which was no doubt ordered by Birgeneau.

CWers were on scene at the party/concert, but we decided to leave because we (at least I) felt that we were ourselves in danger of arrest-by-association. The UCPD followed marchers from the steps of Wheeler Hall to a student cooperative where the party/concert was held. Berkeley PD showed up shortly thereafter. Sergeant Hong and Lieutenant Roller showed up on behalf of BPD and took over from Sergeant Tucker and others of UCPD. The cops tried from the very beginning to force themselves onto the private property – even after being asked to leave – and they made ridiculous threats to the young woman in charge about “civil liability” for damage done to surrounding property. Ultimately, they left.

Protesters left the cooperative at around 11 PM for a march. Apparently, the march ended at Birgeneau’s home.

Aside from just the reportback, this might be an interesting time/place for CW folks to discuss our role in situations with high potential of arrest, including riot situations. Food for thought…

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