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Please Attend The Trial Of Former Bart Officer Johannes Mehserle COME TO THE ARRAIGNMENT! Starts June 18th 8:00am at 1225 Fallon Street (near Oak Street) Oakland Courthouse

THE STRUGGLE IS JUST BEGINNING! Last week, Judge Don Clay announced that Meserle would stand trial for murder instead of manslaughter. Basically, the judge is saying that this killing was no accident. While this is an important victory, it is small compared to what it is going to take to get real justice. Now, the question is whether this cop will be convicted or simply set free.

Keep the pressure on! Show up to court! Make it known that this one WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT!

GET INVOLVED: You can show your support for the family by taking some time to come by the courthouse in the next few weeks while the trial is happening. You can also get involved in the ongoing struggle against police brutality.

Oakland Copwatch meets each Wednesday at 523 International Blvd. In Oakland at 7pm. Contact them at 510.548.0425.

Check out the Copwatch Calendar for a listing of upcoming trainings and shifts. We must keep the pressure on. Join us! We know that monitoring the police works as a deterrent to brutality.

FOR THE FAMILY Copwatch offers our heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Oscar Grant. We also commend everyone who stood strong and captured the crucial evidence that has launched a new police accountability movement. Numerous people stood up to aggressive BART cops at Fruitvale BART station on New Years in order to document the abuse by police and, ultimately, the execution of Oscar Grant, a 22 year old man who was laying prone and had his hands behind his back when he was shot.

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