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Change of Venue in Oscar Grant Case to be Argued

According to the Chronicle:

“(The Prosecution’s) filing was in response to a change-of-venue motion filed by Rains, which said Alameda County residents are racially polarized over the early New Year’s Day shooting of Oscar Grant, 22, at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland.

In his motion, O’Connor said Alameda County is large enough to find jurors who have not made up their minds.

The defense has also said picking a neutral jury could be difficult because of panelists’ potential fears of violence should they acquit Mehserle of murder.

O’Connor acknowledged that one protest shortly after the shooting led to rioting and looting in downtown Oakland. But he said recent demonstrations have been “peaceful and, usually, sparsely attended.'”


Yep, and a bunch of suburban white racists in SoCal will definitely be “impartial.” The pig is GUILTY. Period. Due process is a wonderful thing… and so is JUSTICE.

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