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BPD Takes the Gloves Off

From Oaks4Peace at Indybay:

“Two weeks prior to retiring on Sept 24th, Chief Douglas Hambleton unilaterally rescinded Berkeley Police General Order “A-1”, which tells police officers to use the “least intrusive action… when possible.” General Order A-1 is the difference between being harassed, cuffed, and taken to the station for jay-walking, or simply being ticketed for jay-walking. It’s the difference between a night or two in Berkeley jail for an open container, or being ticketed for an open container. The recension was done without the knowledge or consent of Berkeley City Council, or the Berkeley Police Commission.”


One is left to wonder the usefulness of an oversight body that could be deceived and generally ignored in this decision. What is the Berkeley Police Commission supposed to be doing if not monitoring issues like these? Further, what is the meaning of the rescinding of this General Order? How is the public supposed to interpret this if not as an indication that police should be invading their lives? A nod and wink from the chief, and…

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