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Berkeley to Ban Protest?!?

From Larry at IndyBay:

“For the first time, amplified sound permits will be required for all amplification, including bullhorn use by labor unions and protest groups (13.40.030(A)).

At the present time, a written warning of a noise violation must be given and 15 minutes allowed to correct the violation before an arrest. The new ordinance requires only a verbal warning and no time period before an arrest. (13.40.030(D))

In addition to the amplified sound permit, a second permit must be obtained from the social planning department whenever any object is placed on the sidewalk during an event (13.40.100 (B 6). This could also affect homeless people who place any object on the sidewalk. “It is unlawful for any person to place….anywhere upon any sidewalk or roadway, any object…” (14.48.170)”


Every credible intelligence agency on the planet (and many a non-credible agency) is expecting mass civil unrest as the current world-wide economic disaster continues to unfold. What’s been happening at UCB may just be the tip of a massive iceberg – preparing to sink the Titanic of global capitalism. How do the powers-that-be plan to respond? I think the UC occupations are a testament to what we can expect. This law just paves the way to shut down and repress popluar organizing and street protest and, of course, to brutalize and kidnap those who engage in it.

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