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Police Brutality at UC Occupation

Here’s the DN! footage. Obviously, we here at CW were there and we have a bunch of footage ourselves. I was at work for much of the day, and missed a good deal of the most intense action. However, I personally saw a cop crack a young woman’s hand with a baton.

I can’t spend a lot of time talking about it right now, but hopefully others can talk about what they saw going on. It’d be really awesome to have a space where people can discuss the brutality that occurred and the organizing and actions that need to take place as a response. Also, feel free to link us to any YouTube footage.

UCPD is not going to accept responsibility for this if they can help it. It will be smart for us to hit back hard. Protesters in Washington, DC just won a major civil settlement. We all saw wrongful arrests. We all saw beatings. We all saw supposed servants of the public interests acting in the private interests of the ruling class. Let’s put the UCPD on the defensive. LET’S MAKE WAY FOR A MASS POPULAR MOVEMENT.

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