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Police Repression in Copenhagen

From the Agence-France Presse courtesy of InfoShop:

“Six thousand police — more than half of all the police in Denmark — are being deployed in the capital. They could be reinforced to 9,300 men if need be, he said.

A provisional detention center has been set up in a heated former warehouse on the outskirts of the capital with a handling capacity of 350 people.

Around 150 police officials and lawyers are staffing the facility to swiftly process arrests.”


“World Leaders” – aka scoundrels and crooks – are gathering in Copenhagen this week to talk about the climate and perhaps update the Kyoto Protocol. Referring to “violent protesters,” Denmark is unleashing some serious state terror, and of course they completely miss the irony. Does this sound eerily similar to the police build up prior to the 20o8 RNC to anyone else?

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