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Sprint Needs Some Stitches!

From Ars Technica:

“Christopher Soghoian, a graduate student at Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing, has made public an audio recording of Sprint/Nextel’s Electronic Surveillance Manager describing how his company has provided GPS location data about its wireless customers to law enforcement over 8 million times. That’s potentially millions of Sprint/Nextel customers who not only were probably unaware that their wireless provider even had an Electronic Surveillance Department, but who certainly did not know that law enforcement offers could log into a special Sprint Web portal and, without ever having to demonstrate probable cause to a judge, gain access to geolocation logs detailing where they’ve been and where they are.”


Contrary to all dystopian mythology, no one had to “plant homing becons” on us or under our skin. We happily bought them up and gave them out as Christmas presents. In any case, here’s one good reason to leave Sprint. Also, it’s a good reason to make sure that if you’re planning actions or just committing crimes that you DON’T BRING CELLPHONES.

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