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BPD Officers “Protecting & Serving”

Here is a picture of BPD officers “protecting and serving”. This man, according to witnesses on the scene. was the victim of a violent assault by two men on January 14th on Telegraph Ave. near Dwight Way. Police did not interview the witnesses we spoke with, perhaps because they were homeless. The witnesses said that the man had allowed police to handcuff him at first because the police said it was “just routine”. This account was recently confirmed by another witness.

When the man realized that he was being arrested, he began to scream and yell. Mobile Crisis Unit was called to the scene, but they left before the man was transported. Berkeley Ambulance arrived and did not provide medical assistance even though the man’s hand was injured. It was believed that the man was on parole and was scared that he would be sent back to prison. That is why he became angry and started yelling and spitting.

After the ambulance was turned away, officers sort of tossed the man into the back of a BPD police van. It is hard to believe that they had any idea of the man’s underlying health conditions, whether he was on drugs etc.

These officers were so proud of their work that they refused to identify themselves or the arresting officer. As of a week after the incident, police have yet to provide a copy of his police report OR ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ABOUT THIS CASE. I , for one, want to know what happened to this man. Police will not even release his name despite my Public Records Act request.

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