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From the Chronicle:

“It could soon be illegal to sit or lie on public sidewalks anywhere in San Francisco, a law Mayor Gavin Newsom says would make city life safer for pedestrians and merchants, but that homeless advocates and others say would amount to profiling against the poor.

Newsom will introduce two separate versions of a sit/lie law today at the Board of Supervisors. One version would prohibit sitting or lying on public sidewalks in about 20 commercial corridors throughout the city and is modeled on a similar law in Seattle that was upheld as constitutional by the U.S. Court of Appeals.”


In one of the most expensive cities in the US where homelessness is VERY OBVIOUSLY produced by capitalism, they have decided openly that homelessness is illegal. GO TEAM! Why stop there? Why not make it illegal to be unemployed? or just poor? Don’t get me wrong… I understand that they’re working up to it. And, sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the “creative” trust-funders and Google programmers and the REAL social SCOURGE. I’m sure they’ll figure out the details though.

If they really want to “clean up the streets”, I’ve got a proposal: FANCY NEW CONDOS FOR EVERYONE! FIRST OPTION TO THE POOREST AMONG US!

Also, fuck the Chronicle repeating this “thugs” noise. I don’t pretend to believe that they should be “objective”, but seriously!

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