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Hong Attacks Again!

From the Daily Cal:

“UC Berkeley junior Evan Cox was arrested for failing to comply with police orders to move away from the crashed civilian vehicle, which had collided with the patrol car after running a red light at the intersection of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street at around 1:20 a.m., according to a police report.

Cox said he was walking home on Telegraph with a few friends when he heard the collision and arrived at the scene before police.

After police arrived, Berkeley police Sgt. Peter Hong attempted to move Cox’s friend, UC Berkeley senior Gabriella Calvo, away from the scene. Cox then moved between the two, according to the report.

“I was just being a calm, helpful observer,” Cox said. “I wasn’t trying to escalate any drama. (Hong) was the one who came up and introduced tension into the situation.”


Even more outrageous than Hong’s attack on this guy is the way that Hong was defended by Sgt Kusmiss. She’s quoted in the article: “Often times officers have to respond swiftly to situations like this to either preserve a crime scene or ensure community safety. Crowd control situations where officers are met with an ugly or hostile crowd are some of the most dangerous and unpredictable situations.” — Ummm… Where was the ugly, hostile crowd? This was a car crash and people were trying to help! The reality is that your attack dog is out of control. Seriously, who attacks a bystander to a crash?? Well, we now know that Officer Hong does, but what SANE person? She goes on to dig the whole even deeper, saying “One of our core departmental values is to treat people with respect wherever possible.” Important to understanding this little rhetorical slight of hand – which, frankly, only privileged cop-sympathizers would be confused by – is the “wherever possible.” Essentially, BPD reserves the right to degrade, disrespect, and otherwise insult or assault any person whom they decide isn’t worthy of their misguided acknowledgment as a full citizen. Well done, Sgt. Kusmiss. Well done!

Hong said he then pushed Cox, who then ran westbound on Haste.”

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