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OPD Lies in Sworn Affadavits

From the Tribune:

“The Oakland City Council voted Tuesday night to pay $6.5 million in two search warrant cases from 2008 that claimed several Oakland police officers falsified sworn affidavits resulting in illegal raids on homes in East and West Oakland.

The two federal civil rights lawsuits, representing 104 people, stemmed from allegations that a number of officers had misstated facts in sworn affidavits over a period of several years to Alameda County judges, indicating they had tested substances bought on the street to determine if they were drugs even though no test was ever conducted on the substances.”


When considering all this it’s good to keep in mind what happened in Detroit to Aiyana Jones and to think about the prevalence of SWAT raids. This is terror on the order of what is unleashed on Iraqis by US house raids.

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