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Resist the Anti-Sitting Law in Berkeley: Get involved, sign the petition, join the coalition.

Yet again, the forces of reaction and ignorance in Berkeley have gathered their forces and are trying to make the simple act of sitting on a sidewalk illegal. Though it has been tried many times in the past, the folks with money and lobbyists seem determined to blame their economic woes on the poor people of this city.

Here at Copwatch, we are determined to resist such legislation. There is already a law which makes laying down on a sidewalk a crime, but the wording for a new anti-sitting law has not yet been approved. Let’s stop this nonsense where it starts. Please read and sign the on-line petition and let the City Council know that you are watching and intend to hold politicians accountable for scapegoating the poor.

Forward the petition. Send it to friends. These simple acts could make a huge difference in the way police treat homeless people in our city. Thanks so much!

Berkeley Copwatch

View the petition.

To contact the coalition email them at:

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