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SFPD and the FBI are Collaborating in a “Joint Terrorism Task Force”

In a Sanctuary City, we can’t let our police act like FBI agents. Let’s make sure they play by the rules!

Tonight!! A Joint San Francisco Police Commission & Human Rights Commission Public Hearing Wednesday May 18, 2011 San Francisco City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA

Board of Supervisors Chambers

Community testimony at a past Human Rights Commission hearing helped document that Arab, Muslim and South Asian community members are facing consistent interrogation, surveillance, harassment, and infiltration by federal law enforcement personnel (including FBI, CBP, and ICE).

Now, SF Police & FBI are forced to respond to concerns of Profiling & Surveillance of Muslim, Arab, Middle Eastern and South Asian Communities.

HOW TO HELP: Please come to the hearingto show your support for Civil and Human Rights! We are looking for community members to testify about their experience of being profiled or spied upon because of their race, religion, political activity or national origin. We are also looking for experts or attorneys and legal workers with clients who have experienced any of the following:

  • intrusive questioning or detainment while traveling

  • questioning by SFPD JTTF officers or SFPD officers

  • visits or approaches from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

  • discrimination by law enforcement

(contact info below for more information)


About the Hearing

This hearing will primarily be a forum for law enforcement officials to reply to community concerns and answer commissioner questions. However, there will then be a public comment portion where individuals will be allotted 2 minutes to testify. If you would like to comment, please let us know by contacting:

Summer Hararah | ASIAN LAW CAUCUS

(415) 848-7714

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