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On July 1st, prisoners at Pelican Bay State Prison Security Housing Unit (SHU) began an indefinite hunger strike to protest the conditions of their imprisonment. The UN has characterized their imprisonment as ‘inhumane and degrading’. At least 6,600 prisoners across 13 prisons in CA joined the hunger strike in solidarity with the demands from the Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit (SHU). Thousands of people both inside and outside prison are supporting their struggle. But if demands are not met soon, people will begin to die…


Force CDCR to grant the hungerstrikers’ demands.

When: This Monday July 18, in Sacramento — 1 to 3 pm

Where: CDCR Headquarters, 1515 S Street.

RIDES from East Bay: Meet at West Oakland BART, 9:30 am

Meeting at NOON in Sacramento at Freemont Park on 15th and Q

For more info, for rides: Call Manuel (415-637-8195) or Linda (510-219-0297).

The 5 Basic demands are:

1. End “Group Punishment & Administrative Abuse

2. Abolish Debriefing Policy & Modify Active/Inactive Gang Status Criteria: People inside prisons should not be categorized and punished as gang members just because another person says they are part of a gang in order to get out of the SHU.

3. Comply with the US Commission on Safety & Abuse in America’s Prisons 2006 Recommendations regarding an End to Long-term Solitary Confinement; people want adequate natural sunlight, quality health care and treatment

4. Provide Adequate & Nutritious Food: Not use food as punishment

5. Expand & Provide Constructive Programming & Privileges for Indefinite SHU Status Prisoners: (i.e. visitation, phone calls, mail, radio, etc)

Drastic, urgent, situations require drastic, urgent measures, so I am asking you to take a courageous stance to meet the courageous efforts of people inside who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that others do not have to got through what they have had to endure for 20, 25 30+ years.

From Manuel La Fontaine, Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

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