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VIDEO: Police Attack Occupy Oakland Protesters with Tear Gas, Flash Grenades, Projectiles


Please circulate this video of the police attack against the Occupy Oakland movement.

Police have stepped up their attacks to crush the Occupy actions across the country. Police forces in a number of cities have conducted mass sweeps and arrests of peaceful protesters. From the mass false arrest of more than 700 on the Brooklyn Bridge on Oct. 1 to mass arrests in Chicago, Atlanta, Oakland and beyond, the police forces have made clear their role as the servants of the 1 percent.

In Oakland, the police viciously attacked Occupy Oakland with tear gas, flash grenades and projectile weapons. Scott Olsen, an Iraq war veteran, was shot in the head by the police with a projectile. Scott is reported to be in critical condition.

As the video vividly shows, the Oakland police directly targeted those protesters who bravely tried to give aid to the injured.

We must all stand together. Let’s continue to organize, occupy and protest in the coming days and weeks. This is a global grassroots movement for justice and change. We won’t be pushed back by police violence.

There will be several demonstrations in cities across the country in solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Below are some of the actions that have been announced; Occupy movements from across the country are publicizing many others through their websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In the Bay Area: There will be demonstrations at 6 p.m. nightly at 14th and Broadway in Oakland called by Occupy Oakland until protesters until their occupation resumes.

In New York City: Gather at Liberty Plaza tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 26) at 9 p.m. for a march.

In Boston: March tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 26) at 9 p.m. starting at Dewey Square.

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