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Occupy Oakland Endorses February 6th as a Day of Action Against Police Brutality and Arrests

From OccupyOakland:

January 30, 2012 at 12:56 am.

This proposal was just passed through the Occupy Oakland General Assembly!

Occupy Oakland has faced heavy police repression since its inception. From the first police raid on October 25th, when the camp was violently destroyed and people were brutally tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets, to the recent targeted snatchings and arrests of the last couple weeks, and finally to the attack on Occupy Oakland in its attempt to move into a vacant building which manifested itself in tear gas, rubber bullets, assault grenades and the mass arrest of up to 400 people last night, Oakland’s Police Department and City Government have made it clear that they will continue to target and repress those in Occupy Oakland in the attempt to squash the movement that challenges their exploitation, and oppression of the people of Oakland and the 99%. Often those arrested have had their charges dropped after spending several days in jail due to lack of evidence. The newest tactic being used by the state is stay away orders, given to those arrested, making it illegal for those arrested to be in the vicinity of Oscar Grant Plaza essentially making it illegal to participate in future Occupy Oakland events. Many of these people have been around since the beginning of occupy and are key organizers for different committees and actions.

While many members of occupy have come to support those arrested at arraignments, picked people up from jail when they were released, called local officials or marched in solidarity with those who have been repressed, Occupy Oakland has yet to have a chance to present our side of the facts in court. Feb 6th will be Occupy Oakland’ s day for that. On this day,

It will be the first time that lawyers working with Occupy will be able to argue against the repressive tactics used by the OPD and present evidence of unlawful activities and arrests.

We the anti repression committee of Occupy Oakland are proposing a day of action in solidarity with those that have been arrested and targeted by the local government and OPD. We will begin the day with coffee not cops at the Wiley Manuel courthouse starting at 9 am, then at noon we will be organizing a rally at OGP with speakers that will address local and state police repression, and the Prison Industrial Complex. At 1pm, we will march to the courthouse to stand in solidarity with those in court at 2pm. This proposal is asking for Occupy Oakland to endorse this action.

Additionally, in light of the massive amounts of arrests last night, we have one more thing to add to this proposal. There will be a day of arraignments that come out of last night’s arrests. We want to have a day of action against police repression on the day of those arraignments as well. This day will be planned with a similar schedule as the day of action on February 6th. This proposal entails that Occupy Oakland endorses that day as well.

We want all of Occupy Oakland to stand in solidarity with those who have been arrested and who have faced any form of police repression. Stand with us on February 6th!

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