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Remembering and Celebrating the Life of Kayla Moore on her Birthday

Berkeley Police may have taken her body, but her spirit lives on!

Celebrate the Life of Kayla Moore

4-17-71 to 2-13-13

On what would have been Kayla Moore’s 42nd birthday, we invite all justice (and fun) loving people to join us for a remembrance and get-to-know you event in celebration of her life. You see, we are also forging a movement to demand justice for Kayla Moore. Since the night of February 12, 2013 when police claimed to be responding to a call about a “disturbance” on the 5th Floor of the Gaia Building in downtown Berkeley, the BPD has provided almost no information about what happened that night. What we know is that the officers involved have all been returned to work. However, BPD Chief Meehan maintains that he can’t release info until the investigation is over. According to the Coroner’s office, the BPD has asked that a “hold” be placed on the release of the autopsy report. They say it could take 6-8 months to release. What kind of cover up is BPD trying to pull?

Wednesday April 17th 2013 5:00pm

Meet at 2116 Allston Way (near Shattuck Ave.)

We will deliver a PRA to the Berkeley Police at

2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Wy

Endorsed by Coalition for a Safe Berkeley. For info check Berkeley Copwatch at

(510) 548-0425 or

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