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Demand Berkeley Police turn over Reports to the People’s Investigation into in Custody Death of Kayl

We demand that BPD allow the release of the Coroner’s report and the police report of what happened to Kayla Moore on the night of February 12-13.

Berkeley City Council

Tuesday, April 30th

2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Rally at 6:00pm and speak out at 7:00pm

– BPD has asked the Coroner to delay release of the autopsy for up to 8 months.

– BPD has not released any information about their investigation but the officers involved have all been returned to their job.

– The District Attorney is not even investigating this incident for possible criminal conduct because, “ It wasn’t an officer involved shooting.”

We Hold the Mayor, The City Manager and the City Council responsible for what happened. The city leadership has allowed police to function without accountability and mental health services to be provided by aggressive cops.

For more information contact Berkeley Copwatch at

(510) 548-0425

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