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OSCAR GRANT (OAKLAND) 1-1-09 The 22 year old father was shot as he lay prone with his hands behind his back. BART officer Johannes Mehserle

MAC “JODY” WOODFOX (OAKLAND) 7-25-08 The 27 year old who was unarmed was shot in the back and killed by Oakland Police Officer Hector Jimenez during a traffic stop. This officer is the same one who killed Andrew Moppin 8-months earlier.

LESLEY XAVIER ALLEN (OAKLAND) 7-19-08 Police shot and killed him after a chase into San Leandro. He was 20 years old.

JOSE LUIS BUENROSTRO-GONZALEZ (OAKLAND) 3-19-08 José Luis Buenrostro-González, a 15-year-old Latino youth, was shot and killed by Oakland cops.

CASPER BANJO (OAKLAND) 3-14-08 Internationally known artist, Casper Banjo (71 years old) was on his way to the police station near Eastmont Mall. OPD officers shot him to death. Police claim that he carried a replica gun.

ANITA GAY (BERKELEY) 2-16-08 From her home on Ward Street, Anita Gay called police for help in a domestic disturbance. Ultimately, Officer Rashawn Cummings shot her twice in the back.

ANDREW MOPPIN (OAKLAND) 12-31-07 Twenty year old man was shot to death by two police officers who said they “thought he was reaching for a gun” after he ran from a car. He was unarmed.

ROSALYNE MCHENRY (SAN PABLO) 12-25-07 Shot to death in her home after police arrived in response to a domestic disturbance call. She was shot 18 times because, according to police, she possessed a kitchen knife and was approaching her husband.

GARY KING (OAKLAND) 9-20- 07, while standing in front of a store on 55th and MLK.Jr. Way, 20 year old Gary King was grabbed by OPD Officer Pat Gonzalez, tasered and shot twice in the back. He was not even a suspect.

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