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Mario Woods Remembrance Day

Let's get folks from Berkeley to lend some support. For Mario, for Kayla Moore, for all those who suffer from police murder!

From the event page:

July 22, 2016 is Our Son Our Brother Mario Woods Birth Day. San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution unanimously to make his birthday a Day of Remembrance. That we remember that he should have not been murdered on December 2, 2015 shot down execution style in Bayview Hunters Point.

Justice 4 Mario Woods Coalition remembers, the community remembers and let us come together collectively to remember Our Son Our Brother.

Join us and Gwen Woods Mario's Mother and his family to celebrate Mario's life. Let us remember why we continue to fight for Justice for Mario.

All are welcome and after the program there will be a prayer vigil at the site were he was murdered.

Power to the People.

Fri July 22 @ 5 pm

Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA

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