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Where will you be on September 23-25? Walker Church, 3100 16th Ave S, Minneapolis

At the end of last year, CUAPB worked with a number of groups on an amicus brief challenging the criminalization of copwatchers. The experience was just wonderful and started us thinking about more ways to connect with groups around the country to strengthen all of our work. From that came the idea of a national conference that will bring together organizations from across North America to discuss our strategies, compare the issues we’re facing in our local work, and build a stronger police accountability movement. CUAPB is thrilled to be hosting this national convergence, September 23-25 at Walker Church.

If you haven’t registered for the conference yet, you can do so easily on our NEW website. You’ll also see a housing board, ride board and other resources to help you get here. We’ve secured a good number of free housing spaces so just let us know what you need. All meals, materials and events are included.

Our keynote speaker will be Michael Novick, editor of Turning the Tide: Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education and author of White Lies White Power: The Fight Against White Supremacy and Reactionary Violence.” He is a long-time activist against police brutality. He will present on Building a Culture of Resistance Against Police Abuse of Power: Decolonization and Liberation. He will follow his talk with a workshop on De-legitimizing the Police State, Legitimizing Resistance to develop concrete solutions.

Other proposed workshops include: *Coalition building across communities and cultures *Constituent-led and other models of organizing *Attacks on dissent addressing NORTHCOM and other national plans to “suppress civil unrest” *Know Your Rights train the trainer *The role of police in society *Attacks on youth the juvenile “justice” system *Police interactions with people labeled with psychiatric disabilities *Police and immigrants *Using the legal system to challenge police brutality *Novel approaches to increasing community oversight of police *Resisting attacks on copwatchers *Jail support and court support *“In the belly of the beast” the impact of the prison industrial complex, the DOC and parole on the community *Supporting survivors of police brutality and the families of stolen lives

Please note that some workshops will be conducted in Spanish with English translation.

For more information on the conference, go to


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