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Calling out CHP for Hit and Run Murder!

Justice 4 Diallo Neal!

On October 10, 2005 in Oakland, Diallo Neal was murdered when a CHP motorcycle officer struck the rear end of Diallo's motorcycle, launching Diallo into a bus stop, pole, and concrete bench. The CHP fled the scene.

OPD began an investigation, but CHP took it over and closed it saying there was no case because they were never there.

Diallo would have turned 34 the next day, October 11.

Work is underway to revive the truth of this tragedy, regardless of legal statutes of limitations, and bring it to the public eye.

Stand with GILDA BAKER, mother of Diallo Neal, as she demands: - CHP accept responsibility for the cover up - Release the name of the officer - And hold the murderer accountable for his crime.

Tue 10/11 @ 4 pm

3601 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

Click to view the Facebook event page.

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