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Raid on the Village in Oakland

Police raid happening now. If you're in or around the area, these folks need copwatchers and community support. 36th & MLK.

UPDATE "Cops are gone A show of force to serve bs tickets We showed force too Defense squad here in minutes Residents to hold council on next moves We r good!"

They make moves. We make moves.

Come on down for this boomin weekend of work and community. Make your move. Everybody has a role.

Everyone out NOW to the Village!

"SUPPORT NEEDED IMMEDIATELY 5 SUVs of police just swarmed the site with additional arriving en masse. NOW IS THE TIME. DEFEND THE VILLAGE. 36TH/MLK"

The city is making its move to smash The Village. If you support this in any way, now is the time to show up!

Repost, RT

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