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Berkeley Police Association "Where's My Berkeley Cop" PR Campaign Distorts Evidence

The "Where's My Berkeley Cop" campaign is such a lie. Departments across America are struggling to fill their ranks because PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO BE COPS when there is a choice of jobs. Cops are suffering from a bad, but well deserved reputation for lawlessness and abuse. Its time to civilianize the BPD. Cops spend 35% of their time responding to mental health calls. Let's deal with the cop shortage. Instead of cops, let's actually hire trained civilians to attend to mental health calls. In fact, any job within BPD that can be done by non-sworn personnel SHOULD be done by non-sworn people. They are cheaper and often have more education.

Read "Opinion: Berkeley Police Association PR campaign distorts evidence" by John Lindsay-Poland published in Berkeleyside, 1/9/2018.

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