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No Spit Hoods in Berkeley!

CW: Police abuse of people with mental health disabilities.

Why are people with mental health disabilities being "hooded" in Berkeley? The supposed reason is officer safety; these so-called "spit hoods" prevent subjects of mental health 5150 holds from spitting on officers.

These spit hoods:

  1. Prevent officers from monitoring asphyxiation.

  2. Dehumanize people with mental health disabilities.

  3. Can cause panic and escalate the situation.

If officers are afraid of saliva, they can wear surgical masks over their own faces.

These photos all show spit hoods being used in our streets in Berkeley.


Please come to the mental health commission TONIGHT (12/13) to speak out on this issue during public comment. If you can't make it tonight but still want to get involved, send us a message.

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