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Kayla's case should be heard before a jury! PACK THE COURT for oral arguments on January 9, 2020

Dear Friends,

The Moore family’s 9th circuit appeal in their case against the City of Berkeley and the cops who killed Kayla has been scheduled for oral arguments to be heard on January 9, 2020.

After Judge Breyer’s decision in March 2018 to throw out the entire case without letting the evidence go before a jury, the family decided to appeal. It is their belief, and ours, that the overwhelming amount of conflicting evidence in the case—including the cops changing their stories, as well as experts disagreeing about the cause of death—necessitates that the case go before a jury. Legally, the judge cannot simply decide that he likes one argument more than another one; that is for the jury to decide.

Unfortunately, we know that if Kayla were here with us today, she would tell us a countervailing narrative to the cops’ stories. But even still, the evidence that we do have points to the fact that the City and the cops are at fault for Kayla’s death. How can a “wellness check” result in the death of a disabled woman in her own apartment? We strongly believe that Kayla would be alive today if cops were not deployed to situations where what is needed are trained and compassionate caregivers.

We believe that the Moore family’s case should go before a jury, as is required by law when there is conflicting evidence in a case. We are building momentum toward the hearing date. We want to fill the courtroom and show support for Kayla Moore and her family. We demand a jury trial so the appalling facts of the case can be heard.

The court can fit a few hundred observers, and is usually empty. Let’s pack the court!

Where: US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, 95 - 7th Street in SF *Meeting location TBA*

When: Thursday, January 9. Plan on showing up in the morning, like at 9a. *Exact times TBA*

What to bring: ID

What not to bring: Don’t bring anything you aren’t supposed to bring on an airplane (substances, sharp objects, etc.)

Other ways to help

  • Tell your friends and networks to show up on 1/9

  • Share or endorse our demands:

  • Ask your organization to make a statement of solidarity and share it with their networks

  • Can someone from your organization speak at our pre-court gathering?

  • Do you know any musicians or entertainers who would perform at our pre-court gathering?

  • Organize with the Justice 4 Kayla Moore coalition! Email us at

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