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CW - police murder

Kayla was taken away from us SEVEN YEARS AGO tonight. The City of Berkeley has not apologized to the Moore family or the community, nor have any changes been made to the Berkeley Police department.

The City continues to rely on the police department to deliver "services" to those experiencing mental health crisis.

Chief Greenwood has not responded to any of the City Council's requests following the UCLA Center for Policing Equity Report, which found that the Berkeley Police Department was conducting racial profiling. No changes have been made to the department to address racial profiling.

The BPD have not addressed the blatant transphobia and fatphobia that played a role in this case. In fact, the city's attorney continued to argue that Kayla's death was a result of her obesity rather than the cops that piled on top of her until she could not breathe.

No changes have been made in the past seven years. We fear that another person will be killed by the Berkeley Police. Kayla should still be alive today.


From Lisa Ganser:

cw poLice murder

KAYLA MOORE Rest in Power Kayla Moore Justice 4 Kayla Moore


Today marks seven years without Black, Disabled, Fat, Poverty Scholar and Loved One, Kayla Moore. Sending love to those that miss Kayla the most, and to all those impacted by poLice terror. Sending love to all Black Trans Women.

please read:

Kayla’s Story from Justice for Kayla Moore

Let’s not forget Kayla Moore written by Maria Moore (Kayla’s sister) for Berkeleyside

We Remember Kayla Moore written by Nomy Lamm for The Body Is Not an Apology

Joint Statement of Solidarity with the Family of Kayla Moore, from Sins Invalid and Fat Rose / Fat Lib Ink

Kayla Cooking Their Final Meal For the Community (Poem for Kayla Moore) written by Leroy Moore published in POOR Magazine

Kayla Moore Please join us (if you are not involved already) to organize with the Justice 4 Kayla Moore coalition! send an email to

[Image description: pencil drawing of Kayla Moore, a super fat, Black, Trans Woman. She has shoulder-length brown hair, and she is smiling and flashing a peace sign. Her shirt is purple and black with a blue heart, and the words “Justice for Kayla” appear in orange on her shoulder and neckline. Above her face are the words, “We remember Kayla Moore” in a purple and teal banner. Below the banner, the text reads, “4-17-71 to 2-13-13. Poet, singer, sister, daughter, genius, friend, black trans woman with a mental health diagnosis killed by Berkeley Police in her own home. They tried to blame her death on ‘obesity’!!! Shame on BPD!” artwork by nomy lamm.]

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