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Cops Trash Berkeley Man's Belongings, then Cite him for Littering, Make Threats

How are people supposed to shelter in place when the cops tear down their homes on a regular basis?

This citation is from an incident last week where Berkeley cops took a man's belongings, threw them all over the sidewalk, then gave him a ticket for littering.

The two cops took a bag of feces from the man (all businesses in Berkeley are closed, which means no bathrooms for the homeless) and threw it on the ground, causing it to open and spill. They told him that if he did not clean it up, they would "come back and power wash him."

After all that, they issued him a MISDEMEANOR charge for possession of a shopping cart?! Really showing us what the city of Berkeley's compassion looks like during the pandemic.

If you can't read the citation, this was Ofc. George Schikore, #13.

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