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Know Your Rights Training: You Have a Right to Film

This interactive training is meant as an introduction to your constitutional rights as they pertain to policing and strategies for filming and documenting the police, and is ideal for those looking to assert their rights on the streets! This is also meant to give you tools so you can better advocate for your rights and the rights of others.

The way that you choose to interact with the police is a very personal choice, carrying different risks based on your race, gender, class and more.

The information in this training is meant to empower you and offer you choices when confronted by the police. It is not meant to replace your lived experience or tell you what is right in every situation. Only you know that.

Topics covered: 1. Introduction and Principles of Copwatching 2. Legal Rights and how they play into filming the police 3. Three Types of Stops, Violations, and Police Misconduct 4. Copwatching Techniques 5. How to Film 6. Notes on Getting Arrested, COVID-19 and Curfews 7. How Can You Fight Back

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