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NO on Item 20 on CONSENT: "Security" Cameras throughout Berkeley ~ up to $1M

If passed, up to $1M in City funds will be used install security cameras in South and West Berkeley, areas the City government has deemed “high crime.” This item is a regurgitated item that Kesarwani brought to the council November 2020 and it got voted down. In the proposal, it claims “the cameras are not intended and would not be used for any kind of surveillance purposes whatsoever.” Seriously? How can City Council be so sure?

ACTION: Tell City Council to remove this item from the Consent Calendar and vote it down all together! Three Council Members need to vote to move it to the Action Calendar so there can be time to discuss and hear from the community.

What happened to reimagining public safety? More surveillance of our communities does not mean more safety. More surveillance means more opportunities for criminalization of those already targeted by law enforcement.

Speak your mind TODAY, October 12, 2021

City Council Meeting

Oct 12, at 6pm

Agenda and Zoom link:


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