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Pack the PAB for Nadeem Farooqi's Family! Nov . 10 at 7pm

We call on our community to join us Wednesday November 10, at 7pm to pack the Police Accountability Board meeting in support of Nadeem U. Farooqi’s family. We demand that the Board investigate the police officers’ neglect in Nadeem U. Farooqi’s death so that no one else will have to experience the loss the Farooqi family has experienced. The Berkeley Police failed to act when their help was desperately needed. We can’t rely on police to provide help for mental health calls. We demand accountability! We demand a mental health crisis response in Berkeley that actually helps people! We demand answers for the BPD failure to respond in a mental health crisis! Attend and Make Public Comment at the Police Accountability Board Meeting Wednesday, November 10 at 7pmPDT Meeting ID: 822 3790 2987 Donate to the Farooqi family GoFundMe:


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