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Saturday April 17 Rally & March~ CARE NOT COPS, Justice 4 Kayla Moore!

Demand CARE NOT COPS! Kayla Moore's 50th birthday celebration ~ Rally & March! Saturday, April 17 @ 2:30 - 4:30p Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley Join us in celebrating the life of Kayla Moore, who died at the hands of the Berkeley Police in 2013. Kayla was a Black trans loved one who was living with a mental health condition. She was killed by the BPD during a mental health wellness check. Kayla would have been 50 years old this year. We believe that Kayla Moore would still be alive if there had been an appropriate response while she was experiencing a mental health crisis. Join us in demanding CARE NOT COPS. This conversation is timely: last summer, the City Council approved an initiative for a Specialized Care Unit (SCU) that would respond to mental health crises without police involvement. Berkeley Copwatch demands that the City of Berkeley follow through on their commitment.

  • The SCU must be well funded, so that it can actually be effective

  • The SCU must be dispatched without police

  • Since the police will not be responding to these incidents, funding must come directly from the police budget

  • There must be options for long-term care in addition to crisis intervention

We will be joined by friends and allies:

Maria Moore, sister of Kayla Moore

Adante Pointer, lawyer representing the Moore family and Vincent Bryant in suits against the City of Berkeley

Alecia Harger, Co-Director — UC Berkeley Organizing Project

Cheryl Davila, Former Berkeley City Councilmember, District 2

Héctor Malvido, Co-Chair — Latinos Unidos de Berkeley

Ms. Ritchie Smith, Friends of Adeline

Let's continue the fight for Justice 4 Kayla Moore! We need real justice: the establishment of a city-wide independent alternative to police that is funded through reductions to the police budget. We can't bring Kayla back, but we can do everything in our power to make sure BPD doesn't kill another loved one when they are in crisis. For more info follow Justice4KaylaMoore on Facebook.



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