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What does “Reimagining Public Safety” mean to YOU? Your voice is needed!

Berkeley's “Reimagining Public Safety” effort is in its final stage, including the release of a draft Final Proposal. This proposal includes a tiered emergency response system approach to crisis calls known as Community Emergency Response Network (CERN). However, this model is designed to still include the police! The report also includes plans for the creation of a new police academy!

EVERYONE'S voice is needed. Do you usually not speak at these meetings? Your voice needs to be heard! Tell the city what reimagining public safety means to you.

Reimagining Public Safety Community Meeting Districts 1 & 2

Wednesday, Nov. 10 from 6-8pm

Zoom meeting ID: 816 6481 9932

Tell the Task Force and the City: NO TO A NEW POLICE ACADEMY!


No “community safety officers” (aka UCPD) as part of CERN.


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