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Help Us Print and Distribute Copwatch Literature!

We’ve set up a crowd-funding campaign to print and distribute Copwatch literature!

We want to print:

7,500 KNOW YOUR RIGHTS CARDS: These are a quick pocket guide that provides important basics of your rights as well as useful phone numbers in case someone is arrested. These cards are provided to other groups to distribute in Oakland, SF and around the Bay Area.

500 copies of PEOPLE’S INVESTIGATION GUIDE: This is our latest publication and represents what we have learned about gaining access to information and conducting credible community based investigations. We don’t need to wait for government agencies to investigate. We have to support each other in understanding what actually happened at an incident before people will feel comfortable making demands.

1000 copies of COPWATCH HANDBOOK: This is our basic training guide and what we use when teaching highschool, college students, members of the community to copwatch. The book includes legal points, non-violence guidelines, practical tips about what information is important to gather at the scene and what to do if abuse has ocurred.

Incidents of police brutality, murder and corruption are increasing. Communities across our country are struggling with this problem and seeking solutions. While we don’t have all the answers, we do believe that every community needs to be educated about their rights, how to assert them and how to come together when police violate our rights, and the law. Please help us to spread the word and refuse to be abused!

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