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Occupy ICE

Those occupying ICE @ 444 Washington Street in SF are calling for copwatchers and supporters tonight. Come on out if you are able.

From #OccupySF: As the work week starts tomorrow, and the new Mayor gets sworn in Wednesday; police activity tonight is a concern.

We need as many as people as possible to come stand vigil tonight between midnight and 5am (Sunday July 8th going into Monday, July 9th). If you can't be within the blockade and behind the barricades, you can stand vigil across the street and keep watch. The more people on the ground, the better. The more active protectors, the better. The more people bearing witness, the better. 444 Washington Street. Let's love and protect each other. #OccupyICE #SanFrancisco #SF #abolishice #BayArea #Oakland #SF

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