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Refuse to Be Abused! Volunteer with Berkeley Copwatch! Nov. 9 at 6PM

Berkeley Copwatch would like to invite you to get involved in the movement to abolish policing, defend human rights, stand up for the rights of Black people, Indigenous people, Unhoused people, and all the marginalized members of our community. Since 1990, Berkeley Copwatch has taken a stand against police brutality, injustice, and the overreaching arm of authoritarian capitalism. Stand with us now and refuse to be abused! There are so many different ways to get involved in Copwatch (writing, art, activism, data entry), and no experience is necessary.

Join us on zoom this Monday, Nov. 9th, 6 - 7 PM

Meeting ID: 819 0627 1400

Passcode: assata

Email with any questions

"No matter who wins this election, it will take abolition to create our future. No matter who wins this election, it will be up to you to create networks of care that sprawl across normative divisions. No matter who wins this election, it will be your duty to fight, to win, and to love one another." - Assata Shakur


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